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100% Free CDL Practice Tests

Below are our Free CDL tests. Don't pay for CDL practice tests when you can take them for free! If you need a copy of your state CDL manual to start studying you can get one at our Facebook page below. You will need to pass the General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination Vehicles section to get a Class A Commercial Drivers License. Good Luck!

General Knowledge

Use this practice exam to help prepare for the general part of the CDL permit test. This exam covers the majority of the information in the study guide and is the longer of all the practice tests. You will need to pass the general knowledge, combination vehicles, and the air brakes test to obtain a class A commercial drivers license.

General Knowledge Test


You do not need to obtain a Hazmat endorsement to obtain a class A license but most trucking companies that hire new truck drivers will require that you get it. Study the CDL study guide and use this practice exam until you get a perfect score and you will have no problems with the real test..

Hazmat Test

Air Brakes

This information is not only required to get your commercial drivers license it is something a truck driver needs to know and understand to perform the job on a daily basis. Study this information until you have a complete understanding and can visualize how the air brake system works and then you will have no problem with the test or the job.

Air Brake Test

Combination Vehicles

This is the last of the three tests required for the class A drivers license. This is not difficult information and a few readings of the manual should be good enough to pass this one. Pass this exam and all of our practice tests with a score of 90% or better and you will have no problem getting your learners permit.

Combination Vehicles Test


If you want to haul large amouts of liquid such as milk or fuel in a big truck you will need to get your tanker endorsement for your commercial drivers license. This is a very easy test to study and pass. Getting this endorsement will give a driver more opportunities and it is suggested that you add this to your license even if you are not required to do so.

Tanker Test

Doubles and Triples

The more endorsements that you have will lead to more opportunities when hunting for a new truck driver job. If you would like a dedicated linehaul job with more regular home time this is a must have CDL endorsement. Most freight companies haul pups and you will need this to get hired and haul them.

Doubles and Triples Test

Pre Trip Inspection

One of the most time consuming parts of trucking school is the pre trip inspection. Here is a video of a guy in trucking school doing one. Watching this video will give you an idea what they are talking about as you study the CDL manual. You must be able to perform this walk around inspection to pass and get a commercial drivers license.

Pre Trip Inspection

State CDL Manuals

If you do not have a CDL manual to study with go to out new facebook page and grab one.Read each section that you need to learn and use these practice exams to get ready. While you are at our new Facebook page please like us! Thank you!

State CDL Manuals

Compatibility Quiz

The fact is not everyone is cut out to be a truck driver. Driving a truck is different from any other line of work and it takes a certain kind of person to do it for any length of time and to be good at it. Here are some questions to see if you can make it as a truck driver. Score 70% or better and you just might make it.

Trucking Aptitude

Truck Driver Qualifications

It seems to be getting harder to become a truck driver these days. It is almost easier to become a police officer than a truck driver with all the new rules and regulations in the trucking industry. These are general qualifications based on the criteria that the majority of trucking companies that hire new truck drivers use. You can appeal almost anything to be reconsidered and get a waiver if you are rejected for any reason with the department of transportation while you are trying to obtain a commercial drivers license within reason.

Trucking Qualifications

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